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NAFA Information/Questions about the North American Falconers Association. How to join, meet dates, important information related to NAFA.

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Old 04-07-2017, 03:04 PM
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Thanks for all you and others have done in terms of the eagle, at least we had access to it for awhile, although I sure would never fly one, as I am too cavalier of a falconer, and would surely get hurt. But, more power to those who do.

I hear you on the age thing, and life being short. I'm soon to be 72 and recently had cataract surgery as well as a hip replacement, and now I'm having to deal with prostate cancer, so I am firmly committed to enjoying myself as much as I can, as it appears you are also; in fact, I have decided to not wait for my wife to retire to move back to Arizona where I can fish in the Colorado River as well as Lake Mohave, and do some serious hawking in wide open spaces. I'm excited!

I certainly want NAFA to succeed in their efforts for falconers to have access to the GE again. I hope you don't think otherwise, as I know they are near and dear to you and others. To be honest, the evolution of this thread has amazed me to some extent. But, life goes on :-)

Bill Boni
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